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All our pools are fully customizable to meet your individual needs, and come in all shapes and sizes. With many liners and extras to choose from you can turn your backyard into your own personal oasis. So if your looking for a vacation spot to call your own all Summer long, than look no further than King's Precision Pools. 

Pool Installation / Liner Changes / Winterizing / Healthcare System Installation / Equipment Replacement 

​All of our In-ground Pools are fully CUSTOMIZABLE!

OUR GOAL : Is to provide our customers with everything they need to easily maintain and enjoy their swimming pool. We include everything in our package that is essential and cost efficient. Allowing you to enjoy your backyard all summer long at ease without ever breaking a sweat or finding a need to call in reinforcement! Let us come out and put in that perfect pool for you today. 

All of our In-ground Pools come equipped with the HEALTHCARE SYSTEM!


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The HEALTHCARE SYSTEM ​is the most advanced water purification system available. It combines the algae and bacteria killing capabilities of ionization, with the oxidizing effectiveness of ozone in one simple-to- operate system. Pool water sanitized by the HEALTHCARE SYSTEM has many advantages over chemically treated water. Along with freedom from constant adjustments of chemicals. It is non-toxic, non-corrosive,  odorless, tasteless and won't bleach clothes or hair. Environmentally, the HEALTHCARE SYSTEM is the right choice, there is no need to store poisonous chemicals that are harmful to plant and animal life. The HEALTHCARE SYSTEM can also be easily installed onto an existing filtration system, and costs pennies-per-day to operate. So say goodbye to salt, sand, expensive chemicals and treatments, and say hello to the most effective pool and spas sanitation technology on the market.